Anchor Tattoos

As a girl you have an incredible amount of tattoo design options, you can choose something cute and feminine or something rebellious and masculine.  One unique option is to choose an old school tattoo designs, which was geared towards men, and change it into an awesome feminine tattoo.   Anchor Tattoos are popular old school tattoo designs that represent the trades that work in water like the navy, fishermen, sailors, and seaman.   Navy personnel were known to be one of the first to wear tattoos proudly, so you can imagine that the anchor tattoos were often their symbol of choice.   This is a great symbol to use if you want to display your love for the open sea or if you have family in the sea trades.


Traditional tattoos like anchor tattoos for girls have become a popular request at Tattoo Shops. An anchor has an eye catching curvaceous shape and is easily interpreted into different designs and tattoo pieces.  Adding some flowers, hearts, and beautiful colors make them a fun and playful choice. Anchor tattoos also make a cute small traditional tattoos, they have been spotted on fingers, feet, necks, and wrists.



Anchor Tattoos: Meaning


As mentioned above anchors are associated with the seas, they show the wearers love of the ocean.  An anchor can be dropped into the deep ocean and will not be moved by any current or wind.  Therefore, it can represent ‘holding strong’, being reliable and unfaltering.


Sailors have earned an anchor tattoo once they have successfully crossed the Atlantic ocean which was a dangerous and often tragic undertaking.


A little known fact is that early underground Christians have used the anchor symbol as a way to represent their faith – like the fish.   They would paint the anchor on the wall of a secret meeting spot to avoid being caught by Roman guards.  The anchor symbol has a hidden cross within itself and can also represent loyalty, devotion and determination.


Anchor tattoos have a deep cultural and artistic history. In Renaissance art, the anchor is often accompanied with a dolphin.  The dolphin symbolizes resistance and speed, while the anchor symbolizes remaining stable and grounded.   In combination these symbols showed a balance between quick action and solid judgment.  Adding some Renaissance art style to your old school tattoo designs can make them especially beautiful and unique, consider an angel or rose.


Some additional Anchor Tattoos meanings

–       Source of security and stability

–       Good Luck

–       Fidelity

–       Safety

–       Hope


Traditional Tattoos – Anchor Tattoos for Girls


There are large variations on the anchor tattoo.   As mentioned above, cute small symbols are a popular choice. The use of shadow and light colors can give the anchor a 3D effect, which will stand apart from the old school tattoo designs of two color and bold lined styles.  It is a perfect symbol to integrate into a large tattoos or to make as a central image of a large traditional tattoos.   You can create some beautiful feminine designs using the anchor just by adding vibrant color and images like flowers, birds, and hearts.   Make your old school tattoo designs unique and meaningful to you by combining symbolic references that represent you, what you stand for and what you love.

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