3D Tattoos

Tattoos have been around since time immemorial. For centuries, humans have yearned to decorate their bodies with a raft of different symbols and illustrations. In the past, tattoos were relatively simple, but it is fair to say that tattoo design has come on a bunch, so that nowadays incredibly intricate designs are possible. One of the latest crazes is for 3D tattoos, which feature a level of sophistication not seen before in the ink slinging world.

The tattooist’s art has certainly seen some advances in recent years. The top level practitioners of this ancient trade are now turning out tattoos that are incredibly lifelike. With 3D tattoos, it is now possible to make a scorpion or butterfly on your back look as if it is just about to move. In a similar manner, some tattoo fans go for designs that create the impression that an object is UNDER the skin rather than on top of it.

What You Need to Know Before Getting 3D Tattoos

If you fancy the idea of having your body decorated with some 3D tattoos, you need to know the score. In the first place, these tattoos are far more intricate and thus require many more hours’ work in creating them. Naturally time is money, so you can expect to pay top dollar for the privilege of getting inked with 3D tattoos.

Furthermore, three dimensional tattoos call for a top grade ink gunner. To be perfectly fair, the three dimensional designs that will pop up when you perform a Google image search for this type of tat are not something that the average tattooist is capable of doing. You could be in for major disappointment if you try to get a mediocre tattooist to do a 3D tattoo for you. If the tattoo doesn’t work out, you then face having to spend more time and money removing the failed tat. For this reason, it is particularly vital in this case to get it right the first time.


Getting the 3D tattoo of your dreams is a two-stage process. In the first place, you need to identify the design you want. This is easy enough, because the internet is awash with images of great 3D tattoos. Three dimensional effects can, of course, be added to any tattoo design, so it is possible to choose an example tattoo that is 2D and then get a skilled tattoo artist to implement it with 3D effects.

That brings us to stage two of the process. Once you have chosen the tattoo you want, you must be prepared to bite the bullet and spend some time tracking down the right inker to implement your dream tattoo. To be fair, there are large numbers of tattooists who are perfectly dependable doing simple designs or even more elaborate ones that do not have three dimensional effects. On the other hand, doing top grade three dimensional work requires you to engage the services of a tattoo artist who has mastered their craft to a much higher level. Incidentally, you must expect to pay more for 3D tattoos, because they will take longer to do, and also because they require much more painstaking work from the man or woman with the needle.

 Finding Tattooist to do 3D Tattoos

Finding tattooists who are comfortable doing 3D work is not so terribly hard, but finding one in your immediate neighborhood may be less easy. You may have to accept that you’ll have to travel some in order to get your dream tattoo. Furthermore, making that all-important choice of a tattooist to do 3D tattoos should be informed by a lengthy reading of user reviews, blog posts, and internet discussion forums. You should not simply accept the claims made on a tattoo artist’s website. You need third party testimony that supports the claim that the individual concerned is perfectly placed to do convincing three dimensional tattoo work.

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