Awesome 3D Tattoos for Men

Awesome 3D Tattoos for Men

What are 3D tattoos?

Just the mention of it may give you the chills (the good kind of course). Most people get tattoos according to their personalities. I can’t deny, there are those tattoos that are classified as bad decisions. Those chosen after a night of partying in town, impulse tattoos that make you think ‘I should stop drinking.’ However, the artistry that goes into a 3d tattoo requires both parties to be of sober and clear mind to appreciate the detailed artwork and be amazed by the amount of artistry and talent that goes into creating them.

History of 3D tattoos

Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years. This form of bodywork started many years ago in Japan. Since then this artwork has been practiced around the world as the years have passed by. 3D tattoos however, are a new concept, the sole purpose of these tattoos is to appear as if there are actually coming out off your skin! The similarity of 3D tattoos with the normal tattoos is that they are actually both two-dimensional desings. The difference is shading around the tattoo that gives it a form of 3D illusion that it is coming of off the skin. Artists use a combination of grays, blacks and even white ink to give the design a depth.

Get inspired by images of 3d tattoos


Stunning 3D Tattoo Fonts for Men

How long does it take and is it painful?

How long it takes solely depends on, the speed of the tattoo artist, the design of the tattoo and the size of the tattoo. Large and complicated tattoo designs can take multiple sitting with the artists of 4-6 hours each, while smaller designs can be completed in under an hour. The pain intensity of tattoos actually depends on your tolerance of pain and the place where the tattoo is being placed. Having the tattoo closer to a bone, like the spine, foot or hand will hurt more than places with flesh and fat like the upper arms or the leg. A trick used by many ink enthusiasts is to take an extra strength pain reliever about 30 minutes before getting the tattoo done. This can relieve up to 20% of the pain, which is always better than nothing.

Who are the best 3D tattoo artists?

Only the best tattoo artists who have mastered this artistry after many years of experience attempt this form of artwork and succeed in doing a good job. A mention of some of the best in the business include Paul Booth, Bob Tyrell, Mister Cartoon, Hanna Aitchison. A word of advice to those getting this type of tattoo: make sure you have thoroughly researched the tattoo artist and his/her experience with both regular and 3D tattoo designs. A good artist will be able to perfect a design that you have chosen and place it in a way that conforms to your body.

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