Zombie Tattoos

We have all seen enough Zombie movies that feature reanimated corpses lumbering towards farmhouses, army bases or pubs where normal humans have sheltered themselves. Zombies are depicted as creatures oblivious to pain that do not stop even after losing limbs. It is believed that anyone who dies at the hands of a zombie returns as a zombie to kill others and turn them into zombies. Zombies find their origin in folklore, however, according to a few researches; real zombies have been spotted in Haiti. Most zombies are similar to each other in terms of their traits, however few variations exist. This essentially means that there are more than one type of zombies. Here are five basic types of zombies that have found acceptance among common folk, either through legends or through real events. Here are different types of zombies to consider for your zombie tattoos.

Haitian Vodun or Voodoo Zombie:

This is the most basic form of zombie that is basically a corpse brought back to life through supernatural means such as witchcraft.

Chemical Zombie:

This type of zombie is believed to be a result of humankind’s curiosity with chemicals resulting in prolonged life or hurried deaths. Rumours of experiments on reanimated dead with chemicals are believed to be the source of chemical zombies.

Parasitic Zombie:

This type of zombie springs to life when the host organism i.e either a human or an animal gets infected by a parasitic organism such as Toxoplasma gondii or Naegleria Fowleri. Such zombies are dangerously frightening but least efficient at killing.

Type 1 Viral Zombie:

Viruses are most ancient and most potent of all micro organisms. They have the capability to survive in extreme conditions and adapt rapidly to such conditions. It is believed that a strain of Polydnavirus which is carried by some wasps has the power to create or sustain a zombie.

Type 2 Viral Zombie:

The very fact that viruses are indestructible to a very large extent and that they multiply faster than any other micro organism guides many malicious brains to nasty experiments with it. While a few may accidentally do the unwanted during experiments with viruses of plague or rabies, there are others who do so intentionally to rise the walking dead.

Zombie tattoos popularity:

Zombies have always been very popular ever since their inception by the human mind. The major factor that makes them so popular seems to be combination of fear and fantasy that has been carried forward by several Hollywood flicks featuring zombies. To add to their popularity and give a sense of realism to the world of zombies, there are zombie survival kits available in the markets. The popularity of zombie tattoos has found no end and is witnessing an ever rising curve. Several popular ideas for zombie tattoos can be found on a number of websites, check out our awesome photos of zombie tattoos below for more ideas here are more cool designs. The belief and the popularity of zombies is cemented by the fact that the fourth season of “The Walking Dead” got a wonderful start only weeks after the US federal government shut down. The popularity of zombies can also be attributed to the rising belief of people on the instability of the system and their belief that it may breakdown any time. People want to come to terms with the existence of zombies as early as possible and are therefore using zombie tattoos and survival kits as a means to do so.


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