10 Unbelievable Miniature Tattoos

Anil Gupta is a New York-based tattoo artist who is one of the top inkers of the city, providing his services at Inkline Studios on 513 E, 5th Street, near Avenue A in Manhattan. Although Anil is comfortable with a myriad of tattooing styles, his specialty is realistic portraiture, especially miniature portraitures. He is a talented at reproducing old master paintings in miniature forms.  Apart from replicating the works of classic painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvador Dali, Anil has also created abstract tribal tattoos, biomechanical tattoos, Celtic knot tattoos, and many more for his clients.

It was back in 1991 when Anil Gupta, who is 52 years old now, moved to the United States. Ever since working as a professional tattoo artist, Anil has also tattooed numerous renowned celebrities like Christian Slater and John McEnroe. It was some twenty-two years ago when Anil got his big break when he replicated the cover of Skeletons From the Closet, the 1974 album by the Grateful Dead, in postage-stamp-size. No wonder he charges a minimum of $450 per hour and has six-month long waitlists.

Below are the 10 unbelievable miniature tattoos by him that look like Xerox copies of the original works:

1. Harley Davidson Motorcle

motorcycle by Anil Gupta

This tattoo depicts a Harley Davidson motorcycle in miniature scale. As mentioned, Anil has a knack for painting mechanical parts, which is the reason that this tattoo is so clear with sharp details. Despite being a miniature tattoo, all the individual parts of the motorcycle are distinguishable.

2. Unknown

anil gupta

It is unknown what the source of this tattoo may have been, but it is obvious that it was probably a religious painting. Similarly, it is hard to name the figures depicted in the painting but it is obvious that Anil has quite skillfully replicated the details, from the baby’s body down to the folds of the garment the mother is wearing.

3. Chimpanzee With Bananas
monkey by Anil Gupta

This tattoo is a perfect example of the realism that Anil Gupta brings to his tattoos. Up close, it looks like an actual chimpanzee with a mischievous smile. The lack of a background adds to the realism of this miniature tattoo and Anil has done an impressive job of depicting the chimp’s anatomy, especially the fur.

4. The Blind Man’s Meal By Pablo Picasso
Picasso by Anil Gupta

This tattoo replicates one of the most distinctive paintings from Picasso’s Blue Period. This tattoo features the same blue tonality and rigorous drawing as the painting, depicting a blind man seated at a table, holding some bread in one hand and resting his other hand against a jug of wine.

5. Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
Mona Lisa by Anil Gupta

This tattoo is a miniature replica of the portrait that Da Vinci started painting around 1503 in Florence, Italy. Like the painting, this tattoo is also a half-length portrait of the female sitter, who is believed to be the wife of a cloth merchant. Anil’s tattoo impressive captures Mona Lisa’s smile and the landscape behind her.

6. Hindu Art
anil gupta tattoo

This is another tattoo that Anil may have replicated from an unknown painting, most likely a Hindu religious painting. The pale skin child depicted in the arms of a woman wearing traditional Indian clothing could possibly be one of the many Hindu deities. The tattoo itself is quite colorful and elaborate with crisp and precise details.

7. Seventh Leaven Garbage Pail Kids Card


Garbage Pail Kids is a trading card series from the 80s that included sticker cards featuring comical characters with some sort of an abnormality or deformity. This particular “Seventh Leaven” card that this tattoo depicts seems to be play on the concept of the “Seventh Heaven” and depicts a large, deformed body sitting on a cloud with snot running down its nose.

8. The Disintegration of Persistence of Memory By Salvador Dali

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis tattoo features the melting watches that were one of the most renowned images Dali painted. This tattoo has the same three melting watches as can be seen in the painting, complete with the atomic landscape and ocean in the background and it successfully illustrates the concept of the fluidity of time

9. The Starry Night By Vincent van Gogh


In this tattoo, Anil mimics van Gogh’s sweeping and thick brushstrokes to depict the same pre-sunrise scene from the painting, namely the large morning star that Vincent saw shining over the hillside from a window in the village of Saint-Rémy in France. This tattoo brings to life the exaggerated colors that van Gogh had used.

10. The Annunciation


The Annunciation of the Virgin Mary is a very famous Christian scene that has been painted by countless artists. While it is not certain which particular Annunciation painting Anil has replicated for this tattoo, The fact that the angel Gabriel is kneeling before the Virgin Mary with a white lily in his hand can be clearly seen.

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